Seth Trading Ltd


Jewellery wearing is an ancient form of decoration. Be it a sign of love or friendship, or a fashion accessory to finish off the look, the wearing of jewellery represents an intimate part of image for both men and women.

To some people, a piece of jewellery can be very sentimental, but it can also have symbolic meaning. In medieval times, jewellery represented wealth and custom-made jewellery was the reserve of the very rich. However, today jewellery is affordable by everyone. Although traditionally women have favoured jewellery, there is an increasingly growing interest by men in wearing designer jewellery.

Our focus is to specialise in costume jewellery for all occasions. We offer various jewellery items from all around the world, so we can provide our customers the best variety possible. We offer a wide selection of quality products.

Our jewellery collection comes in different finishes from imitation jewellery to sterling silver. Some of the jewellery comes in a variety of stone settings from Swarovski, Austrian Crystal and Rhinestone to Diamante.